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Enviro Posters

Posters are designed to be both eye catching and convey information. Our enviro posters will do just that while also protecting the environment! Get your customer's message printed with vivid colours and watch their event or promotion prosper.

Product Specifications

Stock Type: 100% Recycle Paper 80lb Text Stock
Colour: Printed full colour 1 side (4/0) or 2 sided (4/4) CMYK
Quantities: Range from 25 to 10,000
Finished Sizing: 12"x18", 18"x24", 19"x27", 24"x36"
Finishing: Cut to size and package.
File Type: PDF
12x1825$ 86.97
50$ 86.97
75$ 98.92
100$ 110.87
250$ 157.96
500$ 302.16
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